How to network @work? The Coffee Roulette!

At my office, there are hundreds of people. I have been around for 12 years, and I used to know everybody. Their faces and their names! Now, I have lost control! I say – “Hi” in the elevator and introduce myself if we have not been introduced. But still, I need to get to know more of my colleagues and deepen my existing relations!

Deloitte Norway has done many actions to get people more together. I will share one very easy activity! The Coffee Roulette. It must not be confused with the Russian Roulette. 😉

Photo: Chiara Pinna, unsplash

What is the Coffee Roulette?

  1. One employee has an excel sheet with the names of everybody in my departement
  2. Once a month, she splits the list in two and makes random pairs
  3. There we have it, the Coffee roulette dates for this month
  4. She distributes the list to all of us via e-mail
  5. Now, it is up to us! I check the list and I invite for a coffee or lunch (or maybe a walk)
  6. Within the next weeks, I have learned to know one new colleague, and our department has facilitated 150 new or deeper relationships

Spin the roulette, make a great relationship and share happiness!

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Cecilia 🙂

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